Special thanks and credit for the UH-1H Iroquois cockpit image goes to photographer: “[Rob Neil.Pacific Wings] @ Pixstel”.

cyberIP Education

When I my interest in computer science first started and all the way through graduation with a BS in CS, books primarily drove the attainment of knowledge. Sure you picked up a little bit in class, but the text book for the class was King for getting what you needed. Every now and then a computer science peer might share some insight they had gained, but most of the computer scientist's knowledge came from the tedious wading through computer science books.

Now with the Internet's rich development, a person can get by and make good progress without any computer books. I still enjoy a good book (many of them are not, it is good to check the reviews at Amazon.com before you buy) for helping to get my head sufficiently wrap around some subject. But, the internet is full of information now and most of it is free.

If you are interested in being more educated concerning all things cyber...


w3schools.com is a great place to start for web based technology. Start with HTML. Follow HTML with CSS. Then JavaScript is good to go over for client side programming needs, and PHP for server side programming needs. If you have database needs SQL will be good to cover. JQuery? I've not waded through that yet, but I'm about to get it covered the easy way. w3schools is a quality, professionally done site, and best of all it is free!


Did somebody say, "the easy way"? Somethings cost money, but if you're serious it can be worth it. Even though I have a BS in computer science, I've recently enrolled in Udemy.com's Web Development course taught by Rob Percival.

Rob does a great job getting your feet wet to the point where you can have the confidence to continue and really get things done. From a computer scientist's point of view, watching Rob's lessons reminds me when I was a young buck fresh in the Republic of South Korea at the tail end of the Vietnam war. I was in a unit heavy with Vietnam vets while I was only fresh out of Army flight school. These Vietnam vets took me under their wings and really showed me the ropes where it comes to flying helicopters. My successful career as a helicopter pilot is credited to the huge shoulders I got to stand on in its beginning. Rob is skilled and exudes enthusiasm in his teaching style. His lectures demonstrate actual coding, you even get to see somethings not workout quite as planned and get to watch Rob figure it out and fix it. Being able to do this is an important characteristic of anyone who codes.

It is great riding along with Rob. I'm even learning things I never knew thus helping me to improve sites I've already have done and will do in the future. After registering for Rob's web development course, Udemy offered me a great deal on this: "The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps", which is also Rob's course. He does an outstanding job with his instruction in the iPhone app course too. This course is a real bonus for me in that it is new territory for me. Working through Rob's lectures with him is a whole lot easier and more fun than wading through most books. Great job Rob! Thanks!